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NPC deputies slam US approval of HK-related bill

2022-05-18 Former CFA chief justice condemns violence Labor group furious after gala scrapped due to violence Hard lives, big dreams Violent mobs vandalize public and private properties in HK Rioters throw petrol bombs at reporters NPC deputies slam US approval of HK-related bill A record of 929 - violence disrupts Hong Kong Hong Kong celebrates 70th birthday of PRC Hard lives, big dreams Hong Kong arbitration service breaks new ground Hong Kong streets in flames as rioters go on rampage again HK delegates 'honored' to join celebration events in Beijing Chinese version of Gifford's work published Online petition launched against US act meddling in HK affairs People in press vests intercept police officers during illegal assembly HK's business center turns into war zone Elementary, junior high school students to receive new textbooks from September Rioters throw petrol bombs towards police Macao successful demonstration of 'one country, two systems': Chui Sai-on Poetry for all ages